An Alternative To Traditional Methods Of Tanning Salon Construction

We work with tanning salons quite frequently, and we hear many of the same stories over and over again.  It typically starts with the salon wanting to do a remodel or some kind of tenant improvement.  A few Google searches Continue reading

Dr. Oz – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is incredibly beneficial for our health, and studies are increasingly showing that most people are vitamin D deficient.  Healthy levels of vitamin D should be around 20-56 ng/ml, and those people that are below 20 ng/ml are considered Continue reading

Tenant Improvement For Tanning Salon Owners

Opening a new tanning salon can be quite the experience.  As with any retail business come many challenges, such as staff hiring and training, as well as researching and acquiring tanning beds, sprayless tanning booths, tanning lotions and other retail Continue reading

Transforming Your Tanning Salon

It isn’t easy to own a tanning salon… the market is competitive amongst other salons and customers turning to local department stores for “at home” tanning solutions.  New laws and regulations are always popping up surrounding tanning salons.  And like Continue reading